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2 CDS Bundle

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A signed copy of Subliminal Fear´s third album "Escape From Leviathan" + A copy of the second album "One More Breath."

Escape From Leviathan (2016) Inverse Records, Jewel-case edition
1. Phantoms or Drones
2. All Meanings They've Torn
3. Nexus
4. Escape From Leviathan
5. Evilution
6. Living in Another World
7. Dark Star Reinassance
8. Self-Proclaimed Gods
9. Limitless
10. The Disease is Human Emotion

One More Breath (2012) SG Records, Jewel-case edition

1. Prayers Of The Innocent
2. Ready To Fight
3. One More Breath
4. Not In Your Hands
5. Waters Of Solitude
6. Raving Of The Moment
7. From Joy To Agony
8. Becoming Victim
9. Run Away (From This Hate)
10. Immutable Event